Advisory Board

Dariy Margaritov

Dariy Margaritov is Chief Executive Officer at UltraPlay Ltd., Cofounder at SnapScore, and Cofounder at CleanTie Inc.
UltraPlay Ltd. has developed a special turn-key iGaming package (Imperator Gaming Platform) that includes all of the things you need to create a complete gaming website. Currently they offer Online Casino, Sportsbook, Lottery, and Bingo solutions. They have a full team of expert programmers who can customize any part of their iGaming solution to fit your vision. They will also create a custom design package to give your online gambling business a unique style of its own.
SnapScore is a platform that seeks to provide insight into people’s accomplishments and professional career. To accomplish this, a scoring formula was developed that breaks down an individual’s proficiency in several areas including: education, employment, and network. Utilizing data pulls from several established sources and running them through the SnapScore formula provides individuals and businesses a comprehensive way to visualize their strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, this enables us to view a person’s track record over time to find reoccurring trends that are helpful in analyzing a person’s qualifications as well as various other applications.
CleanTie, a website created to allow users locate and schedule dry cleaning and laundry services, is the first of its kind in the dry cleaning industry. CleanTie lists all dry cleaners and laundromats in the United States that offer pick-up or delivery services.
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