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Danne Stayskal

Danne Stayskal is Lead Data Scientist at Lifelong, a startup that leverages AI to correlate daily data on people’s lives (location, happiness, anxiety, diet, weather, medications, etc). She authored Owning Conversation and The Visceral Society. Her books cover human rights, intellectual property, and social geometry.
Danne’s background is an interdisciplinary researcher, engineer, and linguist with two decades of experience in software engineering. This is mostly in web and mobile applications and data systems. Her most passionate research interests are in artificial intelligence, computational linguistics, scalable architectures, systems automation, mathematical modeling, cryptosystem design, and security analysis.
She also creates works of art for music festivals and to simulate her forms of synaesthesia. She’s also recorded some classical guitar music, calculated other songs, and played in a few bands. Her essays cover activism, open source, graph data, and socio-political philosophy and praxis. She develops open source software. It can help you circumvent censorship as well as monitor and secure networks.
Danne was previously Lead Data Scientist, Senior Artificial Intelligence Engineer at Evident; Cofounder at Flux Lab; Staff Engineer at Robly; Engineering Director at Copious; Senior Systems and Software Engineer at eCarList; Graduate Research Assistant at University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Linguistics and TESOL, Speech Rhythm and Prosody Lab; Senior Software Engineer at Binary Spring; Senior Software Engineer at EFW / Elbit Systems of America, Advanced Systems Research and Development division; Director of Operations, Site Administrator at Everything2; Contract Engineer at University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Psychology, Rational Decision Making Lab; Senior Software and Systems Engineer, Vice President of Infrastructure at KNSR; Senior Software Engineer, Senior Systems Administrator at Superhero Networks; Senior Software and Systems Engineer, Research and Development at Comprehensive Consulting; Software Developer, Network Administrator at American Health Underwriters; Contract Engineer at Viisage; and Systems and Network Technician at Expert Computer Systems.
Danne earned her Bachelor’s (summa cum laude) in Interdisciplinary Studies in Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence at The University of Texas at Arlington in 2008.
Watch Seeing Sound, Hearing Light… Welcome to Synaesthesia | Danne Stayskal | TEDxSalem. Read Danne Stayskal: Life Through Synaesthesia-Colored Eyes. View her Facebook page. Read her GitHub profile and her LinkedIn profile. Follow her Twitter feed.