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Daniel Finfer

Daniel Finfer is a multi-instrumentalist music producer based out of Santa Monica, California. After pondering how to link the Singularity and his research with music, Daniel has created Post Human Era which is best described as “post-pop”.
Originally from San Diego, Daniel moved to Bellingham, WA for middle school and started to learn violin and upright bass in orchestra. During junior year of high school, he suddenly realized that guitar, electronic programming, lyric writing, and singing came naturally to him.
In his dorm room at Santa Clara University near San Jose, he began to construct full songs entirely by himself. “I tried to collaborate with other musicians, but in the end I realized that I work best by myself. I majored in Marketing and Studio Art to supplement my music career because at that point I knew that was what I was going to do.”
In 2007 he released his first full length album, Where I’m Going Half The Time, which got released on Test Tube Records. In March 2008, it reached number #1 on the label. This landed them a spot on USC’s record label, Strikethrough, where they performed with The Matches and Hellogoodbye.
Daniel returned to Santa Clara to record a concept album called To Build A Fire with producer Brian Delizza of Freq Lab Recording in San Francisco.
“I made the decision to release it on a series of online netlabels for free just to get it out there, like a shotgun approach. I got to retain 100% creative freedom, and within the first month it was downloaded over 30,000 times. It also debuted at #8 on Amazon’s Electronic Charts in its first week.”
After graduating, Daniel moved to Santa Monica, CA and rented out an industrial warehouse under the flightpath of LAX International Airport. “That was very interesting… I’d have to time my vocal takes in between 747s from China landing 200 feet overhead. Yet the isolation it provided really let me sink into my own world. I met a lot of really inspiring musicians there that helped me write a new album called ‘Echo Corridor’.”
Daniel’s most recent move was to a new recording studio in Brentwood. Watch Building The Machine (Remix) – Post Human Era, Post Human Era – Replacing You, and Post Human Era – “The Last Americans”. Read Speeding Up by Daniel Finfer. Read his blog. Visit his Facebook page and his MySpace page. Follow his Twitter feed.