Advisory Board

Cristian (Nubis) Bruno

Cristian (Nubis) Bruno is Founder / Chief Product Officer at and Online Presence and Crypto Currencies Consultant at Tierra Buena Delivery. is the first bitcoin exchange targeted at the Spanish speaking public. It’s born from the union of experts in the tech and financial world. They facilitate operations between the traditional and the new decentralized economy in Latin America, fostering adoption of bitcoin on a daily basis.
They comply with the highest standards for cryptography applied to the financial industry, which allows them to ensure both transaction and customer data are duly secured. They rely on robust systems based on traditional banking channels which guarantees liquidity and speed.
Nubis is an entrepreneur, self-driven learner and independent investigator in the field of information technology. He’s founded and worked at a number of startups for the past 10 years.
He was previously Technologist at Dropmysite, CTO at River Valley Networks, Software Developer at EasyBroker, Owner and Lead Coder at Woobiz, Software Developer at Lambda Sistemas, and Software Developer at Cooperativa Telefónica de San Martín de los Andes.
Watch Bitcoin: moneda universal. Visit his GitHub page. Read his AngelList profile and his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.