Advisory Board

Dr. Craig A. Cooney

Craig A. Cooney, Ph.D. is Co-chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board for the Mprize along with Andrzej Bartke. He is also a renowned epigenetics expert and Assistant Professor at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.
Craig studies the role of DNA methylation and epigenetics on the health, cancer development, and lifespan of mammals. Epigenetics can be changed by drugs and by specific nutrients found in foods and nutritional supplements. Epigenetics strongly affect normal cell differentiation and cancer development.
His interests include childhood and adult cancers that help us understand epigenetic changes that occur with and without an aging component. He studies the effects on adult animals as well as the effects on offspring when their mothers take specific supplements during pregnancy.
Craig also studies certain molecular effects of nutrients including effects on DNA methylation, gene expression, and metabolite levels. DNA methylation is essential for the organization, maintenance, and control of chromosomes and epigenetic regulation of the genome. He is particularly interested in treatments and genes that will help maintain or optimize DNA methylation to maximize longevity and prevent age-related disease.
He coauthored Methyl Magic: Maximum Health Through Methylation, Maternal epigenetics and methyl supplements affect agouti gene expression in Avy/a mice, Methylation Profiling of Archived Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: A Promising Prognostic System, Identification of genes contributing to the obese yellow Avy phenotype: caloric restriction, genotype, diet x genotype interactions, and Mitochondrial regulation of Cancer Associated Nuclear DNA Methylation, and authored Germ cells carry the epigenetic benefits of grandmother’s diet and Dietary Selenium and Arsenic Affect DNA Methylation,
Craig earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California, Davis.
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