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Courtney Boyd Myers

Courtney Boyd Myers is East Coast Editor at The Next Web, Writer at PSFK, Tech Blogger at, Robot Girl at IEEE Spectrum Magazine, and Reporter at Pocket-lint.
In the past she wrote for PCMag on Connected Travel, design and tech for, robots for ieee Spectrum Magazine, gadgets for, and about music for The Noise Report, FreeWilliamsburg and the Deli Magazine. She began her career as a reporter at Forbes where she put together a massive report on the state of artificial intelligence.
Despite her obsession with robots, she is a humanist, also a life enthusiast. When she’s not blogging and twittering Courtney is an amateur etymologist and grateful yogi. She was born in Connecticut, lived abroad in Buenos Aires but calls Brooklyn her home.
Courtney authored The Transhumanists Arrive: The stars of the Singularity Summit 2009, In Pictures: The Transhumanists Arrive, Silicon Stethoscopes: Telepresence technologies and robotics promise another way to ease future health care burdens, In Pictures: Robots That Care, Will A Machine Replace You?: Your computer will steal your job, sell your house and send you the bill., The Humanoids Are Here: The newest robots can cry and communicate, and look eerily like us, Two Hundred And Fifty Pills To Immortality, Can Page Views Help Save The World?, and The New York Times Introduces The Evolution of the Hyperlink.
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