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Christina Korp

Christina Korp is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director at Purpose Entertainment.

Purpose Entertainment is a consulting, marketing, and content production company ensuring what they do, benefits humanity and our planet. They specialize in space-themed events, activations, and experiences but also people-centric causes.

Christina is known as the Astronaut Wrangler. She is the former manager of Buzz Aldrin, but behind the scenes she has also achieved her own “impossible” dreams.

In July of 2019, Christina produced the Apollo 50th Gala at Kennedy Space Center. It was followed by an after show concert by Duran Duran with a drone art performance by Studio Drift in the iconic Rocket Garden to celebrate Apollo 11 and humanity’s first steps on the Moon.

They collected thousands of photos and stories and unveiled giant photo mosaics and Moon and Mars maps at global locations including Times Square, New York City, London Piccadilly Lights, and the ArtsScience Museum Singapore on July 20, 2019.

She cofounded The People’s Moon project in 2017, to invite the world to actively participate and become a part of the legacy piece of the 50th Anniversary. She conceptualized The People’s Moon experience and coproduced it with UK artist Helen Marshall. It resides as a permanent exhibit at Kennedy Space Center in the Saturn V Center.

In August 2016, Christina started Christina Korp Management. It was formed to manage media and entertainment projects and interesting world-changing personalities. Their goal is to make space, science, and technology a fun way to engage the public about the future. She currently represents ISS astronaut Commander Terry Virts and also represents shuttle Astronaut Nicole Stott and Apollo 16 Moon Walker Charlie Moss Duke Jr. on a non-exclusive basis.

For a year and a half, between 2018 and 2019, as the Aldrin Family Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, Christina supervised the day-to-day operations of all business development, educational programs, partnerships, licensing, and marketing within the organization.

In 2011 up until 2019, Christina was the Chief Operating Officer at Sharespace Foundation as part of the Aldrin Family Foundation. It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating children’s passion for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) by providing innovative and interactive educational tools to educators around the world. ShareSpace has reached more than 250,000 children across the globe through strategic partnerships and the engaging Giant Mars Map™. ShareSpace Foundation ignites interest in K-12 students in STEAM fields and boosts scientific literacy.

Christina created and executed global marketing campaigns such as the Get Your Ass to Mars (#GYATM), Destination Mars, and Generation Mars product lines. She conceptualized the Giant Mars Map™ and the Giant Moon Map™ —standards-based interactive educational tools for schools and education centers.

She coproduced the Emmy-nominated and Webby-winning Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars VR Experience project from LIFE VR, TIME, and tech company 8i — Aldrin’s 3D hologram gets to travel with viewers from his Apollo 11 landing site on the moon to Mars.

Christina spent 10 years, since 2008, as Manager and Mission Control Director, as well as VP of Marketing & Business Development, for Buzz Aldrin Enterprises, where she managed Buzz’s brand and public appearances. She project managed 5 book releases including the NY Times and International Bestseller No Dream is Too High.

Christina grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota as one of 10 kids. Her Rasch family is well known in the Black Hills from the band Family Affair, which performed throughout the 80’s and 90’s. After 10 years of playing in regional clubs and bars, Christina left the band to pursue music in Los Angeles where she launched her career as a singer-songwriter signed to Warner Chappell, working with high-profile artists such as Ringo Starr and major Latin artists.

Since 2000 and until 2006, she was the Director of Operations for the Tesh Media Group overseeing John Tesh’s internationally syndicated radio show, John Tesh Productions, GTS Records, and Christina also performed as the tour manager, was a member of his band and background singer for all his live concerts and TV appearances. She produced two PBS TV concert specials, 10 CD projects, three book deals, and several successful concert tours.

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