Advisory Board

Chris Kitze

Chris Kitze is CEO at Safe Cash Payment Technologies.
Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has created companies with over $7 billion of market capitalization over his 25-year career. He’s been part of the Lycos’ IPO team, was founder and CEO of (IPO: 1998), and was CEO of NBCi, formed by the merger of and, in addition to other companies in digital media and payments, such as and Unseen.
He is Chairman of Unseen, Director of IQzone, and General Partner at Flying Disc Investments. He was previously Director at iNome / Intelius, Chairman of, CEO at Yaga, CEO at NBC Internet, Chairman at, VP Marketing at Lycos, CEO of Point Communications, Publisher at Softkey International, Publisher at The Learning Company, and CEO of Aris Multimedia.
Chris’s patents include Method and system for delivering files in digital file marketplace, Method and system for generating a secure message as a URL message, Digital file marketplace, Method and system for automatically distributing fees, including a reseller commission, during a digital file transaction, and Efficient transportation of digital files in a peer-to-peer file delivery network.
Chris authored The Electric Image and earned his BS in Chemical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1981.
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