Advisory Board

Caroline Nguyen, MSc, MBA

Caroline Nguyen, MSc, MBA is Founder at MomWorkforce.
Caroline enjoys being a solution provider, working on projects to provide services in multi-shoring (on/off/in) and MFG representation for companies who wish to have a presence in Silicon Valley. Other service areas include setting up corporate alliances, strategic business assessment, fund raising, and small business initiative programs.
She has experience working with domestic and international vendors, leveraging their expertise and global infrastructure, to develop and deliver electronic products to both consumer and OEM markets.
Caroline has worked on various Green Tech projects including solar, LED, and battery systems including the Hubble Space Telescope battery. She is knowledgeable in semiconductor IC device physics, battery types (fuel cell, solid state, thin film, and electrochemical including nickel, cadmium, lithium, sodium, zinc, etc.), and process improvements / failure analyses for telecom and storage applications.
Caroline earned her MSc in Chemical Engineering (major), Electrical Engineering (minor) at the University of Washington with the thesis “CO Detection by the photo-response of ZnO thin films deposited on Chemical Field Effect Transistors”. She earned her MBA in Marketing at Golden Gate University, Edward S. Ageno School of Business. She earned her BSc in Chemical Engineering (Electrochemical) at the University of California, Berkeley.
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