Advisory Board

Dr. Bruno Miguel Tavares Gonçalves

Bruno Miguel Tavares Gonçalves, Ph.D. is Research Associate, Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research, School of Informatics and Computing Indiana University.
His research interests include epidemic modeling, complex networks, human dynamics, and agent-based modeling. His software projects include Truthy @ Indiana: Automated system to detect “organic” and “artificial” memes in micro blogging platforms, GLEaMViz simulator: Software system for the simulation of infectious diseases on a global scale, and EPIdemic Cyberinfrastructure (EpiC): Computational infrastructure for epidemics research and education.
Bruno coauthored Multiscale mobility networks and the large scale spreading of infectious diseases, Seasonal transmission potential and activity peaks of the new influenza A(H1N1): a Monte Carlo likelihood analysis based on human mobility, The Peculiar Phase Structure of Random Graph Bisection, Anomalous Diffusion on the Hanoi Networks, Geometry and Dynamics for Hierarchical Regular Networks, Hierarchical, Regular Small-World Networks, Human dynamics revealed through Web analytics, and Hysteretic Optimization For Spin Glasses. Read the full list of his publications!
Bruno earned his B.S. in Physics at the Universidade do Porto, Portugal in 2001. He earned his M.S. in Physics at the Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal in 2004. He earned his Ph.D Physics and his M.Sc. in Computer Science at Emory University in 2008.
Read Beware Those Grassroots Tweets, They Might Be Astroturf, Follow the “Truthy” Tweets to Find Twitter’s Political Spammers, and The Flu Fighters. Read his LinkedIn profile.