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Dr. Brigitte Hanly

Brigitte Hanly, Ph.D. is the CEO, Cofounder, and Chief Scientist of the Stemaid Institute and the Founder and President of the nonprofit organization Clitoraid.

Stemaid Institute is a clinical company preparing pluripotent stem cells and plurisomes. They focus on producing high-grade embryonic stem cells and exosomes for the treatment of multiple diseases and advanced age reversal. At the Stemaid Institute, Brigitte is leading Team of Scientists and CRISPR experts to prepare autologous embryonic stem cells that can be genetically repaired. They are paving the way for medical breakthroughs as the world’s only whole body rejuvenation institute using standard and autologous pluripotent stem cells and exosomes.

Their unique designation allows them to present revolutionary treatments to patients seeking optimal health and quality of life. The Stemaid Institute was the first company in the world to produce embryonic stem cells for therapeutic use.

Brigitte earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry and in Biochemistry.

As the Founder and President at Clitoraid, Brigitte is helping women who have suffered clitoris circumcision to get their sense of pleasure back. They provide surgical restoration to female genital mutilation victims. Clitoraid has been helping women repair, heal, and feel whole again, changing the lives of thousands of women in the world, one surgical restoration at a time.

Brigitte has also been contributing to the Journal with multimedia essays and musings, about science, art, politics, and philosophy.

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She was an invited speaker at WomenWeCan, Healthcare Future, and Healthy Masters Forum.

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