Advisory Board

Brent Dixon

Brent Dixon is founder of The Habdash, a creative studio based in Austin, Texas. He was a Teaching Fellow at Singularity University in 2012.
Brent is also Advisor to the Filene Research Institute. Last year he logged around 100,000 miles helping people use The Filene Research Institute’s ideas to solve problems. He also founded The Cooperative Trust, a grassroots network of hundreds of young people fighting for the future of socially responsible finance.
He also spent five years as creative director of Trabian, an Indianapolis-based interactive agency that specializes in credit union web site development. He was a cofounder of the blog Open Source CU, which many attribute as the birthplace of the credit union social media movement.
Brent has been cited in and written for numerous industry publications, and is a contributing author to The Age of Conversation 2. He has worked with the National Credit Union Foundation, CUES, and dozens of credit unions of all shapes and sizes.
Brent earned his BA in Journalism & Public Relations at Texas A&M University in 2004.
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