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Brandon Whale

Brandon Whale is Editor-in-Chief at The Transhuman Times.
Brandon is a Stanford student majoring in Science, Technology, and Society, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Bioengineering. He runs the Stanford Transhumanist Association, the world’s largest student-run futurist group.
Brandon’s mother, a former Judo Olympian, went into heart failure giving birth to him. Her condition inspired his first biomedical invention, PaceMate, a better way to transmit an ECG over the phone line without going to the hospital. He became the youngest inductee in the National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors, part of the Inventors Hall of Fame. His second invention, NeedleBeatle, was manufactured by Mattel through By Kids for Kids. He lobbied U.S. Congress on behalf of the American Heart Association and National Institute of Health for four years. In 2006, he was named Youth Advocate of the Year.
He recently launched Learnist, a social learning product (TIME named it #18 on the 50 best websites of 2012). Now he is building The Transhuman Times. T3 is a next-generation news website, offering an accessible, unapologetic, and inspiring outlook on the way emerging technologies will change everything we know, including ourselves.
Read his his Learnist profile, and his LinkedIn profile. View his Facebook page. Follow his Twitter feed.