Advisory Board

Brandon H. Tomlin

Brandon H. Tomlin is Contributor at and Marketing at DuraComm Corporation.
Brandon’s interests lie in the realm of predictive science fiction, futurology, and understanding what ways science and technology is influencing the future of humanity, and what ways these new developments are shaping our ever-accelerating future.
He graduated from the University of Missouri–Kansas City with a degree in German Studies. While attending UMKC he wrote his bachelor thesis about “How Science Fiction Functions as a Method for Creating Future Technologies”. This research project analyzed the rules to predictive science fiction though a historical perspective with what ways science fiction influenced the growth of rocketry in the German Weimar Republic from 1919 to 1933 before the Nazis gained power.
Brandon authored What won’t exist in the world by 2030? The end of an ideology, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence from a Cartesian Perspective, The History and Future of Computer Input, Scientists Find Sorcerer’s Stone: Turn Cement into Metal, HIV Vaccine, DNA Nanorobots: A New Method For Treating Cancer. Your next GUI will be a BUI, The Psychology of Failed Predictions, The Extinction Of The Pure Human, What if Google bought Detroit?, and A Method For Creating Predictive Science Fiction.
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