Advisory Board

Bipin B. Agravat, M.A.

Bipin B. Agravat, M.A. is Founder, Coordinator, Mentor, Fund Raising, at SpaceCampingIn; CEO, Innovator, Product, Business, Market, Price development+Mobile, Web at Willager; Founder, Entrepreneur, CTO, Product, Business, Social Media Strategy Development at Scholarbeat; and Founder, Innovator, Product development, Business & Strategic Partnership Development at Aability.
Bipin is an innovator, mentor, and educator by nature, technocrat and entrepreneur by profession (information, communication, space technology), and an engineer and manager by educational qualification.
He uses observation, imagination, and visionary skills to predict the future project, technology, and startup market (web, mobile, wireless).
Above all he is a human being; Productive, Contributive, Creative…
His specialties include: innovative product development, team building, plan development, and fundraising for startups, strategic business development, mergers acquisition and expansion, and mentoring and teaching in business management.
He is founder of Willager which engages in technology development in software applications for the web and mobile multimedia. He is founder of SpacecampingIn which engages in space related hands on activity, workshops, competition, and seminars. He is founder of Ability which engages in next generation smart interactive applications that combine text, voice, and interactions to deliver educational communication and content effectively and productively.
Bipin is active in innovative product development: Mobile, Web, and Software. He provides special service to startup companies, incubators, and angel investors for their software needs.
He is a winner of 4 multinational awards for his innovation in mobile applications, desktop applications for communication, mobile educational projects for the general public, and innovative uses of voice and text for content deployments.
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Bipin earned his Bachelor’s in Engineering at Gujarat University, India in 1998. He earned his Master’s in Management at Université Marc Bloch (Strasbourg II), France in 2009.