Advisory Board

Ben Way

Ben Way is CEO of the Rainmakers and Founder of Freetricity Plc. He is author of Jobocalypse and he just launched, a future focused media company.
The Rainmakers is one of the world’s leading innovation and incubation companies. They have created ground breaking technologies as well as working with some of the biggest organizations in the world such as the US government, Microsoft, British Telecom, Ministry of Defense and many more. They help companies create innovation internally and externally, allowing them to keep on the cutting edge of technology.
Freetricity Plc aims to help people to make the shift from using fossil fuels to create electricity, to using solar panels and solar panel installations to make renewable sources of solar energy. Freetricity Plc helps to make the transitional process much easier and more affordable for both business and domestic property owners alike.
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