Advisory Board

Arturo Pelayo, MSc

Arturo Pelayo, MSc empowers organizations to discover and leverage their customers’ experiences and interactions through Social Media & Instructional Design.
Arturo provides unique know-how in social networking and has led its mass-mobilizing power with great efficiency and entrepreneurship. His global work experience goes across four continents in North & Central America, Western Europe, and the Asia Pacific Region. From living and working in over a dozen countries (and even on a cruise ship!), he provides rapid transitioning from ideas and concepts to lead through creative diligence to their tangible successes. In him you will find someone that brings about change through teamwork and who can lead you in the new horizontal social global economy.
Core competencies:

  • Expertise Social Media & content creation with background in Instructional Design.
  • Leverage of global relationships to drive business forward with tailored training & development, web 2.0, and e-learning solutions.
  • Experience, insight and leadership on satellite & distance learning education, podcasting, and social networking.
  • Proven talent across four continents, readily deployable and with experience across markets and languages to go above and beyond the business table.
Arturo earned his Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology at Western Illinois University in 2008. He earned his Diploma in Postgraduate International Communications Learning Circle at The Scholar Ship in 2007. The Scholar Ship is a globally recognized academic program aboard a transformed passenger ship hosting students on semester-long voyages around the world. Participants from diverse cultural backgrounds come together to co-create life-changing experiences that develop their intercultural competence and foster friendships reaching the far corners of the world. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Physics at Western Illinois University in 2005.
Arturo is fluent in Spanish and English with advanced professional proficiency in German and French. Watch Arturo Pelayo at IIT Design Research Conference 2010, TheScholarShip Inaugural Voyage Path, and The making of “Soy Ecuador”. Read his LinkedIn profile. View his portfolio. Follow his Twitter feed. Visit his Facebook page. Watch his YouTube channel and view his Flickr photostream.