Advisory Board

Aria Colton

Aria Colton is Managing Director at Spicybrains Group Pty Ltd.
Aria founded Spicybrains Group based on a desire to work with creative, professional, like-minded individuals to get worthwhile projects positioned for growth. With a track record in original thinking, Spicybrains® is an entrepreneurial, future-vision company established to develop smart and innovative ways to position concepts/brands in the marketplace.
She advocates for Australia’s re-emergence in the international Space arena and promote commercial Space business in Australia.
She is:

  • Responsible for the successful South Australian Space Summit
  • Providing on-going advice to State and Federal Government on a Australia’s national Space initiative.
Her specialties include:
  • Developing entrepreneurial projects
  • Influencing, lobbying and advocacy
  • Strategic positioning of industry specific projects and concepts
  • Competitive analysis
  • Integrating marketing communications
  • Building relationships and developing strategic alliances
Aria authored The National Space Initiative of Australia© (NSIA). Aria is studying for her MBA at University of South Australia.
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