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Anton Kulaga, M.A.

Anton Kulaga, M.A. is the Cofounder and Researcher at CellFabrik, Bioinformatician at Systems Biology of Aging Group, and Cofounder at Just-DNA-Seq.

CellFabrik is a biotech company, founded as a spin-off from the Systems Biology of Aging academic group at the Institute of Biochemistry in Bucharest. Their mission is doing basic and applied biotech research for development of innovative and personalized therapies based on immune repertoire assessment and targeting the production and secretion of self-targeting antibodies in autoimmune diseases.

At CellFabrik, Anton is a Bioinformatician working on life-extension and investigating aging. Since 2015, he has dedicated his efforts to multi-omics analysis, and has accumulated extensive experience in bioinformatics. Anton specializes in building next-generation sequencing pipelines, analyzing large datasets and applying machine learning to gene expression patterns.

He is an active open source developer, contributing to multiple bioinformatics projects and has successfully designed genetic constructs in several mammalian synthetic biology projects.

In 2017, he joined the Systems Biology of Aging Group, Institute of Biochemistry of the Romanian Academy of Sciences, as a Bioinformatician. The aim of the Systems Biology of Aging academic group at the Institute of Biochemistry in Bucharest is to integrate and analyze large-scale datasets from genomics, transcriptomics, and epigenomics and use network biology, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create mathematical and computational models of aging to predict novel genetic and epigenetic interventions that would have the highest potential to impact lifespan and healthspan in model organisms.

Anton has a formal background in international management and economics. He earned his Master’s Degree of Arts in Economics from Kyiv National Economic University in 2008, with honors. He was a Postgraduate Student there until 2011. In 2006, Anton graduated from Programming, 3D design, and Web Design at the SHAG Computer Academy.

Being passionate about programming since high school, he worked for many years as a software developer. With time however, Anton realized that the pace of progress in solving aging was too slow and decided to take an active position on this matter. He started helping aging researchers and promoting ideas of radical life extension and transhumanism.

In 2014, Anton cofounded the International Longevity Alliance (ILA), a nonprofit umbrella organization, uniting forces of longevity activists and advocacy groups all over the world. For five years, Anton was a member of their Board of Directors, supporting scientific research in biological aging and geroprotective technologies, facilitating professional networking within the research community, and educating the general public on scientifically grounded life extension methods.

Understanding that activism alone may not be enough, Anton gradually switched to bioinformatics by taking online courses and participating in research projects.

He earned multiple certifications from Coursera, including Neural Networks and Deep Learning; AI for Medical Diagnosis; Prognosis, Specialization, and Medical Treatment; and Generative AI with Large Language Models.

During 2015–2016, Anton went to the Center of Interdisciplinary Research (Paris, France) where he received training in computational and synthetic biology.

He continued in the Proofs, Programs, and Systems (PPS) team at Paris Diderot University, now merged into Université Paris Cité. Anton developed semantic annotations for kappa models. Kappa is a language for modeling protein-protein and gene-protein networks.

In July 2016, he did his internship at École Normale Supérieure Département d’Informatique where he worked on DNA repair modeling and UI development.

For half a year in 2017, Anton worked as a Bioinformatician at the Chronos Biosystems in Bucharest.

Anton’s research interests lie in the fields of biogerontology, mammalian synthetic biology, bioinformatics, new institutional economics, and complexity theory.

In his spare time, he also spends time roller skating, reading science fiction, longevity activism, open-source software development, and taking MOOCs on different topics.

Anton is also the Founder of H+Ukraine, core-developer of the open-source scientific research platform Denigma, and initiator of the joint SENS Foundation and Kiev Institute of Gerontology (Ukraine) crowdfunding project “I am a little mouse”, aimed to test several geroprotectors in mice.

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Read Gray whale transcriptome reveals longevity adaptations associated with DNA repair and ubiquitination, Effect of Long-Term Treatment with C60 Fullerenes on the Lifespan and Health Status of CBA/Ca Mice, and Machine Learning Analysis of Longevity-Associated Gene Expression Landscapes in Mammals.

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