Advisory Board

Anson Zeall

Anson Zeall is Cofounder, Chief Crypto Enthusiast at CoinPip, Managing Partner at Stoxster Capital, Fund Manager at Peony Enterprises, Committee Member at Singapore Lean Startup Circle, and Director at the Rotary Club of Hong Kong.
The vision at CoinPip is to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as safe and easy-to-use as any other form of money. They’re based in Singapore, one of the most exciting places on the planet for technological innovation. Starting in the Asian market, they are bringing the power of the CoinPip physical bitcoin wallet into the world marketplace, one business and customer at a time.
Anson was previously Cofounder at Sproutify, Mentor at Lean Startup Machine, Financial Blogger at, Manager at Eastern Point Limited, Managing Director at MECS International, Sales Director at USANA Australia New Zealand, and Database Analyst at Reckon.
Anson earned his BSc in Computer Science at the University of New South Wales in 2004. He earned his CIBE in Business Administration and Management at the Columbia University – Columbia Business School in 2012.
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