Advisory Board

Anderson Tan

Anderson Tan is Cofounder and Chairman of Millinillion, a startup in the space industry that makes space easier to access. He is also Partner and Board Member of Launchgarage, incubator, accelerator, co-working space, and Venture Capital firm.
Anderson is Angel Investor in Anaplan, Astrobotic, Cloudera, Cousera, CrowdMed, DocuSign, Emerge, The Honest Company, Knightscope, Lyft, Matternet, MedAware, Nanorep, Palantir Technologies, Pinterest, Planetary Resources, Powur, Rayton Solar, Shapeways, Singularity University, SpaceVR, SpaceX, Snapchat, Toymail, Ursa Space Systems, and Zebra Medical Vision.
He is also Partner in MicroVentures, Portfolio Reserve Investor in OurCrowd, Limited Partner in Y Combinator, Limited Partner in FundersClub, Board Member of Good Meal Hunting, SureLeaf Farms, and Tralulu. He is Cofounder and Board of Directors of MASINGngo. He is also Business Angel of Acudeen Technologies, Bloom, Cropital, Medifi, and Social Light.
Anderson earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Technology Management at Oxford Brookes University in 2003. He graduated Singularity University in 2016. He also completed the Executive Space Course at the International Space University, The Essentials of Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School, and the Global Leaders Program at Hive. He completed the Leadership Development Program at the Center for Creative Leadership in 2007. He completed Finance for Senior Executives at the Asian Institute of Management in 2009. He earned a Certificate of Achievement in Public Speaking at Dale Carnegie Training in 2010.
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