Advisory Board

Allison Dring, M.Arch.

Allison Dring, M.Arch. is Director of elegant embellishments.
elegant embellishments are design-manufacturers, investigating new materials and methods for the modification of buildings and spaces. These modifications are used to “tune” buildings, converting previously inert surfaces into active surfaces that can meet new architectural criteria.
A key aspect of their work is the visual articulation of technologies that have the potential to alleviate the ecological impact of cities but often require a re-examination of current practices. They seek new forms for technologies that occur on a molecular level yet are significant enough to transform spaces.
Her proSolve370e is a decorative facade module that reduces air pollution in urban environments. It employs a photo-catalytic technology that is enhanced through ornamental shapes and can be deployed over the scale of architecture, activating inert facades.
Allison earned her Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) at the University of Arizona in 1998. She earned her Master of Architecture (M.Arch.) at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL in 2000.
Watch Ornament & climate: Allison Dring at TEDxBerlin. View her Facebook page. Read her LinkedIn profile.