Advisory Board

Alistair Tweed

Alistair Tweed is Director of Aging Management Ltd. It is the goal of Aging Management to differentiate itself from the established anti-aging market place by using their considerable medical expertise to provide a genuine, meaningful contribution to the good health and longevity of their site’s visitors.
They intend to deliver on this by:

  • Advising on how to optimize health for longevity by utilizing nutritional and age management strategies.
  • Providing comprehensive assessments of anti-aging supplements, to inform and educate their site’s visitors.
  • Offering high quality, effective, safe, evidence-based anti-aging supplements at competitive prices.
  • Helping promote widespread public support and understanding of anti-aging science and medicine and finding meaningful ways of contributing to their progress.
Alistair Tweed comes from a background of developing banking and IT systems and is currently an IT Manager in an Investment Bank in the City of London.
He set up Aging Management Ltd in July of 2007 and is webmaster, company director, primary business developer, and general dog’s body for the company.
A long time health and fitness enthusiast, Alistair developed a keen interest in longevity and anti-aging about 10 years ago and has continued to learn about and live by these principles ever since. In March 2008, he was invited to become “Methuselah Foundation Outreach Coordinator – UK”, The Methuselah Foundation’s official volunteer lead for business and outreach activities in the UK, working closely with the Methuselah Foundation Board and especially Aubrey de Grey, as he promotes the Foundation’s mission and donors in the UK.
He lives in Essex with his family.