Advisory Board

Alison Lowndes

Alison Lowndes is Founder Trustee & Social Media Strategist at AVIF and Executive Director at KO2 Adventures Community Interest Company.
Alison is the Founder of AVIF (ABLe Volunteers International Fund). In 2002, she established a 65-teacher international summer school in NE Asia, On returning to the UK in 2003 she spent some time working in internet security before deciding to go back to school, studying Astrophysics. Having friends in Kenya, she then set up a summer school there and by early 2006 AVIF evolved into a volunteering charity assisting with sustainable development projects.
AVIF is an entirely virtual organization that uses free and low-cost Internet technologies to manage its programs and development work from the UK. They have no need for overheads, or RL (real life) infrastructure, in fact their only office is in the Non Profit Commons area of virtual world, Second Life. They use SKYPE and SMS since mobile communications are extremely accessible and work directly with local communities and volunteers, who allow AVIF to fully verify commitment to development.
AVIF uses social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to offer complete transparency and ease of communication. Their links around the internet are vast, allowing them to gain a global reach to any necessary information to progress, which they then pass on freely to their host communities, now in the unique position of being able to take advantage of the most up to date, viable sustainable energy and development techniques which will allow them to completely skip the negative effects of the fossil fuel era.
Alison studied Physics with Astrophysics at University of Leeds from 2004 to 2006.
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