Advisory Board

Dr. Alexandre Maurer

Alexandre Maurer, Ph.D. is Vice President and Spokesperson of the French Transhumanist Association, Technoprog. He is currently a research fellow at EPFL (Swiss Polytechnic Federal Institute, Lausanne), where he works on various topics including distributed algorithms and AI Safety at the Distributed Computing Laboratory.

He graduated from Ecole Normale Supérieure (France) and earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Computer Science from Paris 6 Sorbonne University.

Alexandre gave many talks on transhumanism (in France and abroad) and organized several transhumanist events. He also wrote the book Pourquoi le transhumanisme? (Why transhumanism?), an introduction to transhumanism for skeptical beginners.

Alexandre coauthored the papers The Complexity of a Reliable Distributed System and Dynamic Safe Interruptibility for Decentralized Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning. He appeared at TransVision 2017 in Brussels where he gave the talk Eight complementary ways to change the future in positive ways.

Visit his YouTube Channel. View his profile page and read his posts at Transhumanistes (French). Read his publications at SemanticScholar. Listen to his talks about Transhumanism, Automation and Job Displacements, Ethical Dilemmas Posed by Technologies, and Safe Interruptibility in Multi-Agent System on YouTube. Listen to a Say it aloud Tse Podcast about The Human 2.0: How Science transcends Creation? (French).