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Alexandra Saba

Alexandra Saba is coauthor of 2 Billion Under 20.
Alex is a writer, designer, artist, and entrepreneur. She has always been an avid learner, voraciously consuming and processing knowledge from any source she could get her hands on. She was submerged into the world of music and art at a very young age, and has been entranced ever since.
She is in love with nature, science, and the human mind. She is particularly passionate about technology, sustainable design, psychology, neuroscience, positive social action and change, community organization, transhumanism, and empathy as key agents for change. Integrating these passions and designing the future now to create a sustainable, amelioratory world is her ultimate goal.
Alex was previously Founder at Metaphase, Contributing Writer / Head Blog Editor at FutureClaw Magazine, and Creative Director / Designer at Apokalypse Software.
Alex earned her Associate of Arts (AA) in Psychology at Miami Dade College in 2013.
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