Advisory Board

Dr. Alessandro Oltramari

Alessandro Oltramari, Ph.D. is Post-doc Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University.
His primary interests are in applied ontology, computational lexical semantics, and cognitive linguistics. Most of his research questions center around how cognitive aspects of knowledge representation are involved in designing and implementing “hybrid” semantic technologies. He uses conceptual modeling techniques and dedicated platforms in the general context of the integration between computational ontologies and lexical databases. His research activity at CMU mainly deals with integrating ontologies and ACT-R models. In general, extending cognitive architectures with ontologies represents a brand new area of research in Artificial General Intelligence.
Alessandro coauthored Extending Cognitive Architectures with Semantic Resources, Sweetening Ontologies with DOLCE, Conceptual Analysis of Lexical Taxonomies: The Case of WordNet Top-Level, Restructuring WordNet’s Top-Level: The OntoClean approach, Enriching Ontologies with Linguistic Content: an Evaluation Framework, LexiPass methodology: a conceptual path from frames to senses and back, Theoretical and practical aspects of interfacing ontologies and lexical resources, and Data-Driven and Ontological Analysis of FrameNet for Natural Language Reasoning.
Alessandro earned his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science and Education at the University of Trento, Italy in 2006, in co-tutorship with the Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology of the Italian National Research Council (ISTC-CNR). He also earned his B.S. and M.S. in Philosophy of Science at the University of Padua, Italy. He has worked as a research fellow at the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (ISTC-CNR) in Trento since 2000. He was a Visiting Research Associate at Princeton University (WordNet group) in 2006.
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