Advisory Board

Alberto Dubois, MBA

Alberto Dubois, MBA is focused on entrepreneurship and investments and lives in Madrid, Spain. He is the main investor and a board member of GCMcom, an innovative technology company based in Spain.
Born in Spain, Alberto is now a Swiss national. He earned his BA from Madrid (CUNEF school) and his MBA from Barcelona IESE School and York University in Toronto. He is a regular guest speaker at Business Angels forums and Entrepreneurship Seminars.
He has 15 years in investment banking in Spanish, French, and UK entities. He spent 7 years as founder and chairman of Prodigios Interactivos, S.A., a startup created in 2000 and sold in 2007, aimed to expand the use of internet in countries with low-PC penetration rate and low internet usage.
He spent the last 2 years traveling to emerging markets (all BRICs except China and many others) and learning on site about the landslide changes in our world, and helping to develop business ideas in fields such technology in Spain, leisure in India, energy in Chile and Brazil.
Alberto is very interested in finding and sharing innovative solutions for the huge challenges we have ahead of us in fields such energy, food, water, health, education … and encourages a serious public debate on those challenges.
We are lucky to probably have in front of us the most interesting 20 years in the last 200… Difficult times but exciting times, so requiring groundbreaking solutions. Worried but optimistic.