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Aidan J.S. Menuge, M.A.

Aidan J.S. Menuge, M.A. is a composer, performer, arranger, and writer currently living in Idaho. His Dido’s Lament won the short fiction contest for the XPRIZE Seat 14C Writing Competition, chosen from over 1,400 entries.

He has worked as a composer with classical groups for over 10 years for film; classical concerts, including the Spektral Quartet and the Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble of Chicago; religious groups, including several church choirs; and on his YouTube Channel where he posts music inspired by any media he might be enjoying at the time, among others are also video games, films, and videos.

As a performer on both piano and the organ, he has played with the UW-Milwaukee Wind Ensemble, numerous chamber groups, and as a service musician and accompanist in many congregations.

Aidan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 2014 and Master’s Degree in 2016 in Music Theory and Composition at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Aidan enjoys writing and performing all kinds of music, and is always looking for more to do.

Aidan’s Dido’s Lament won the XPRIZE short fiction contest chosen from over 1,400 entries from 74 countries. Aidan received a $10,000 prize package that included round-trip airfare to Tokyo for him and a guest, four nights in a four-star hotel, $1,500 in spending money, a GoPro camera, a handheld universal translator, and honorary membership on the Science Fiction Advisory Council.

The contest was held with the aim of “envisioning a world transformed by exponential technologies and a global community of innovators.” You can read the story at

View his LinkedIn profile. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Visit his YouTube channel. Listen to his music on SoundCloud.