Advisory Board

Adam Hayes, CFA

Adam Hayes, CFA is Cofounder and CEO at ChainLink; Instructor, MSc program in Digital Currencies at University of Nicosia (UNic); Financial Writer at Investopedia; and Financial Services Professional/Wealth Mgmt at Forest Hills Financial Group / Park Avenue Securities / Sadler Hayes Associates.
Adam is interested in the changes to the social infrastructure of the economy caused by disruptive technologies such as fintech, blockchains, digital currencies, P2P markets, decentralization, microfinance, and innovations of the Third Platform.
ChainLink uses blockchain, the same technology which enables Bitcoin, to allow firms to issue tamper-proof, transferable digital certificates of authenticity and proof of title. Since their digital certificates are unable to to be altered, copied, forged, or stolen, they serve as a powerful and cost-effective anti-counterfeiting technology which can stop even the most sophisticated of counterfeiters.
Adam’s papers include What Factors Give Cryptocurrencies Their Value: An Empirical Analysis, The Decision to Produce Altcoins: Miners’ Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency Markets, 401(k) Tax Policy Creates Inequality, A Cost of Production Model for Bitcoin, Top Reasons Stock Indices Could Be Biased, The Pros & Cons of a Trade Deficit, How To Profit From Solar Energy, and How Is Cashback Profitable For Credit Card Companies?
Adam earned his BS in Biological Science at Cornell University in 2001. He earned his M.A. in Economics at New School University in 2015.
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