Advisory Board

Adam Gordon, MS, MBA

Adam Gordon, MS, MBA is Director at Adaptive Future and is author of Future Savvy: Identifying Trends to Make Better Decisions, Manage Uncertainty, and Profit from Change.
Adam is an author, facilitator, researcher, consultant, and teacher in the field of strategic foresight. He has advanced training (MS) in strategic foresight tools & methods, and also a straight business-management education, on top of a journalism background. He works in creating strategic foresight and innovative leadership in business or policy environments — to help institutions anticipate and evaluate future uncertainty, respond to emerging opportunities, and innovate and transform to exploit them.
He runs foresight/scenario planning workshops. He teaches industry foresight, strategy, and leadership at various prominent business schools, as well as in executive education courses. He does in-company and public talks, and is published in dozens of management media forums, for example Foresight (Institute of International Forecasters), Wealth Report, Leadership, Risk Matters, and ZDNet. He is editor of Foresight Network News, distributed to thousands of foresight industry practitioners and allied parties in industry and government, and Editorial Board Member of World Future Review: Journal of Strategic Foresight. (Washington D.C.)
Adam earned his MS in Strategic Foresight at the University of Houston in 1996 and earned his MBA at INSEAD in 2001.
Listen to Adam Gordon on Being Future Savvy. Visit Future Savvy: Turning Foresight into Value and Adaptive Future: People, Policies, Trends Technology, Leadership, Innovation, Design. Visit his Facebook page, his LinkedIn page, and his Twitter feed.