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Adam Alonzi

Adam Alonzi is an out-of-the-box thinker, a passionate & creative artist, and has great multimedia production skills and strong altruistic convictions. He is Writer, Interdisciplinary Analyst, Award Winning Filmmaker, and Independent Biotechnologist. His positive attitude and professionalism have lead him to participate in outstanding projects all over the world.

Adam is a Writer and Editor, and two of his novels were available on Amazon Kindle Store. His book Praying for Death received mixed reviews, while a Plank in Reason was warmly received. He contributed to Epibeat, WhatisEpigenetics, The Rational Argumentator, The Indian Economist, Altcoin Today, Nootriment, and other publications. On his blog and other sites you can find articles about technology, economics, pharmacology, linguistics, philosophy, and geopolitics.

Most recently he coauthored an article for the Routledge Handbook of Consciousness on Global Workspace Theory.

Adam is currently active on multiple fronts. He is Independent Biotechnologist focusing on proteomics, genomics, and bioinformatics. As a Producer, he created the series called Genius: The Series and won first prize for the International Longevity Alliance’s competition in 2015 with his 4 minute video. Adam is also Podcaster with more than 50 interviews with academics and entrepreneurs.

He is reviewer for The Millennium Project and and Interdisciplinary Analyst at EthicsNet where he designed and analyzed 15 scenarios containing between 4 to 6 dilemmas each.

Visit his Facebook page and his LinkedIn profile. Read his blog. Follow his Twitter feed. Watch his YouTube channel.