Advisory Board

Professor Vincent C. Müller

Vincent C. Müller, Ph.D. is James Martin Research Fellow, Faculty of Philosophy, at the University of Oxford. His research at the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology focuses on the nature and future of computational systems, particularly on the prospects of artificial intelligence. He is also the coordinator of the European Network for Cognitive Systems, Robotics and Interaction (2009–2014), funded by the European Union through two FP7 projects with 3.9 million euro. He is also Professor of Philosophy at the American College of Thessaloniki/Anatolia College.
Vincent has published a number of articles on the philosophy of computing, the philosophy of AI and cognitive science, and related areas. He is currently preparing a book on the basic problems of AI and has edited several volumes on the theory of cognitive systems and artificial intelligence. In 2011, he organized the first of a series of conferences on the “Theory and Philosophy of AI”. He is frequently invited to talk at events that concern the theory of cognitive systems. He studied philosophy with cognitive science, linguistics, and history at the universities of Marburg, Hamburg, London, and Oxford.
Vincent coedited Towards Autonomous, Adaptive, and Context-Aware Multimodal Interfaces: Theoretical and Practical Issues and authored From Embodied and Extended Mind to No Mind, Autonomous Cognitive Systems in Real-World Environments: Less Control, More Flexibility and Better Interaction, Pancomputationalism: Theory or Metaphor?, and Interaction and Resistance: The Recognition of Intentions in New Human-Computer Interaction, and coauthored A Dialogue Concerning Two World Systems, Info-Computational Vs. Mechanistic. Read the full list of his publications!