Advisory Board

Dr. Stephen L. Thaler

Stephen L. Thaler, Ph.D. is President & CEO at Imagination Engines, Inc.
Steve is a pioneer in the area of artificial intelligence and the inventor of the Creativity Machine® Paradigm, US Patent 5,659,666 and its derivatives. Read the list of his artificial neural network patents. His system consists of an artificial neural network that is perturbed by noise so as to seed the generation of new ideas and strategies. Another neural network acts as a critic selecting good from bad results and steering the perturbed network in the most promising directions.
According to Tina Hesman, reporting for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Creativity Machine has been used to design a wealth of commercially available products. She also reports that the device has been mainly used by the US military to design new weapons. Dennis Bushnell, NASA’s leading visionary has called the Creativity Machine “AI’s Best Bet” at creating human to trans-human intelligence in machines. Because of the power and breadth of the contemplative AI technology Steve has produced, he is active in nearly all human disciplines contributing to science, technology, art, music, law, and philosophy.
His specialties include artificial neural networks theory and application, artificial intelligence theory and application, biologically inspired cognitive architectures, robotic artificial intelligence, advanced machine vision, intelligent sensor networks, nuclear interactions with solids, nuclear chemistry, inelastic light scattering, chemical spectroscopy, mathematical physics, low observables technology (stealth), non-destructive testing, and diamond growth via laser plasmas.
Steve earned his B.A. in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, & Russian at Westminster College in 1971. He earned his Ph.D. in Physics at the University of Missouri–Columbia in 1981.
Read Stephen Thaler’s Imagination Machines and Attack Of The Genius Robot Cockroach Swarm. Read his Google+ profile and his LinkedIn profile.