Advisory Board

Dr. Rebecca G. Martin

Rebecca G. Martin, Ph.D. is NASA Sagan Fellow at the University of Colorado Boulder.
Rebecca’s research includes many areas of theoretical astrophysics such as accretion processes, star and planetary system formation, satellite formation, and active galactic nuclei.
Her papers include On the formation and evolution of asteroid belts and their potential significance for life, Dead Zones In Circumplanetary Discs as Formation Sites For Regular Satellites, On the Evolution of the Snow Line in Protoplanetary Discs, Dead Zones around Young Stellar Objects: FU Orionis Outbursts and Transition Discs, Accretion Outbursts in Circumplanetary Disks, Dead Zones around Young Stellar Objects: Dependence on Physical Parameters, The Gravo-Magneto Limit Cycle in Accretion Disks, Tidal truncation of circumplanetary discs, Tidal Warping of Be Star Decretion Discs, and On orbital period changes in nova outbursts. Read her full list of publications!
Rebecca earned her BA (with honors) in Mathematics at Cambridge University in 2004. She earned her MMath (Part III Mathematics) at Cambridge University in 2005. She earned her Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics at Cambridge University in 2009.
Read Why Is Earth So Dry? and Asteroid Belts of Just the Right Size are Friendly to Life. and Read her Academia profile and her LinkedIn profile.