Advisory Board

Professor Mario Verdicchio

Mario Verdicchio, Ph.D. is Assistant Professor at University of Bergamo and Lecturer at Politecnico di Milano.
Mario coauthored A Logical Model of Social Commitment for Agent Communication, Commitments for Agent-Based Supply Chain Management, An Analysis of Agent Speech Acts as Institutional Actions, The Role of Institutions in Multiagent Systems, Artificial Institutions: A Model of Institutional Reality for Open Multiagent Systems, Exploiting Cryptography for Privacy-Enhanced Access Control: A result of the PRIME Project, Expressive and Deployable Access Control in Open Web Service Applications, and An Automata-based Monitoring Technique for Commitment-based Multi-Agent Systems.
He earned his MSc in Computer Science Engineering (with honors) at Politecnico di Milano in 2000 with the thesis “E-commerce technologies for Web-based Supply Chain Management”. He earned his Ph.D. in Information and Communication Technologies at Politecnico di Milano in 2004 with the thesis “A Formal Model for Agent Communication Languages”.
Mario’s native language is Italian and he is fluent in English and Japanese, good in German and French, and fair in Spanish. Read his LinkedIn profile.