Advisory Board

Henry B. Augustine

Henry B. Augustine is Founder at Aupportunities.
What if there was a Rotten Tomatoes rating for everything? What if there was somewhere you could rate people based on talent, companies based on expertise, and products based on quality? Taggle is a universal review system that can be used to rate everything.
Henry’s papers include Hindu and Greek Deities, In Defense of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory of Everything, Evolution, God, Morality: The Ethic of Revolution, The Logical Anatomization of Spirit, The Gift of Appreciation, and The Problem with Modern Banking.
Henry has 17 years of experience working as an athlete while learning to control his fire, 16 years of experience working as a student of rigorous, highly competitive education, 12 years of experience working in a professional organization and environment, 7 years of experience working as an employee, and 5 years of experience working as a freelancer, consultant, and entrepreneur while learning the art and science of business firsthand. Now, he intends to use his leadership and communication abilities to make a positive impact in a company that values innovation, integrity, and success.
Currently (next 2 years), his goal is to work with a company that wants to positively and powerfully impact the economy. Short-term (next 4 years), his goal is to serve as District 7 Congressman to electrify education and economy. Mid-term (next 8 years), Henry’s goal is to serve as Washington State Senator to incept an ethical and economic revolution in global politics. Long-term (next 16 years), his goal is to serve as U.S. Chief Justice to inspire world leaders to be more curious about truth, more passionate about creativity, and more driven to do good, in order to create a world in which literally everyone is thriving: safe, happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise.
Henry graduated from Denison University with a degree in Communication and Philosophy in 2012.
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