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Bakari A. Pace

Bakari A. Pace is an independent researcher, author, theorist, and speaker on how the sustainable development movement addresses our grand challenge to harness our abundance creating technology, empathic conscience, and a cradle-to-cradle design ethic to provide enough, for all, forever.
On paper, he’s an undergraduate at the prestigious, historically black Morehouse College where he studies philosophy. Yet, in addition to his formal schooling at Morehouse, Bakari has studied at Columbia Law School, New York University, and Union Theological Seminary. He has been taught by scholars such as historian Eben Moglen, scientist Jacque Fresco, and philosopher Dr. Cornel West. Today, Bakari lectures and writes from his broad knowledge of sustainability, participates in sustainable development forums at the United Nations and various universities, and provides visionary commentary on radio and television talk shows.
Bakari’s focus is on introducing individuals to the economics of abundance to bring them into the sustainable development process with the goal of opening eyes to the way things are and most importantly, to the way things could be.
Watch Zday 2012 NYC Bakari A. Pace Into to a Resource Based Economy. Listen to Bakari Pace, Host: The Zeitgeist Movement Global Radio, July 4th 2012 and TZM Global Radio 10.3.2012 — Bakari Pace with Jacque Fresco. View his page and his Facebook page. Follow his Twitter feed.