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Sep 24, 2015

The Sea, Earth, and Space Summit (SESS) will be held October 30–November 1, 2015 in Houston, Texas.

Sep 18, 2015

The Transformative Technology Conference will be held October 2–3, 2015 at Sofia University, Palo Alto, California. Save $150 by entering the discount code lifeboatfoundation when registering. We are a partner of this important event.

Sep 16, 2015

The Transformative Technology Conference will be held October 2–3, 2015 at Sofia University, Palo Alto, California. Enter the discount code TT to save money when registering.

Sep 13, 2015

From Runnymede to Philadelphia to Cyberspace: The Enduring Legacy of Magna Carta will be held September 17, 2015 at Brooklyn Law School. RSVP now!
This event will feature an afternoon session to explore development of a digital Magna Carta for cyberspace. During the following two days (September 18th–19th) in conjunction with Brooklyn Law and Cardozo Law School, Consensus Systems invites legal experts, technologists, and thought leaders to implement the charter using smart contracts and decentralized applications on Ethereum's blockchain.

Sep 8, 2015

Enroll in the free online Princeton University course Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies.

Sep 7, 2015

MindEx 2015, an open omics and neuroscience conference devoted to understanding the human mind, will be held September 12, 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Registration is now free!

Sep 5, 2015

Richard Stallman will be speaking at SeaGL (Seattle GNU/Linux Conference) on October 24th at 2:30 pm.

Sep 5, 2015

DUXU16 (Design of User eXperience and Usability 2016) will be held July 17–22, 2016 in Toronto, Canada. Our Peter B. Lloyd will be chairing the HCI & Science Fiction session which will also encompass blue-sky research that is so far from realization that the science fiction modality of exploring hypothetical scenarios is appropriate.

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Upcoming Events

The Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference 2015 (RB2015) will be held August 19–21 2015 at the Hyatt Regency, San Francisco Airport. This conference will feature the latest research on diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease and will also discuss regulatory, financial, and economic issues.
Our Maria Entraigues Abramson, Judith Campisi, Justin Cooper-White, Anne Corwin, Aubrey de Grey, Leonid Gavrilov, Jeffrey Karp, Chris Mason, Nancy Manley, Stephen Minger, Kevin Perrott, Maximus Peto, Evan Snyder, David Spiegel, Alexandra Stolzing, Rudolph Tanzi, and Jan Vijg will be speaking/participating.
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