Advisory Board

Heather Schlegel

Heather Schlegel is a futurist, technologist, and cacophonist. For more than 12 years she has helped build innovative Internet products in Silicon Valley and has more than 50 product launches to her name.
Heather is currently the head of product development at DebtMarket, a financial startup in Los Angeles. Her research projects include disruptive technology in financial markets: lending, alternate/virtual currencies and transactions; long-term product adoption for innovative technologies and positive wildcards.
She is primarily known by her online moniker, heathervescent, where she explores the intersection of technology, culture, and identity. Visit her LinkedIn page. Read her Twitter feed and her blog. Watch Heather Schlegel: Women bloggers are everywhere (20 MB).
Heather is pursuing a Masters of Technology in Future Forecasting at the University of Houston, where the first Futures program was started across from NASA in the 60s. She has focused her studies on disruptive technology in financial markets, positive wildcards, and the long-term adoption of paradigm shifting technology.