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Lifeboat Foundation's InfoPreserver Skills Repository

Welcome to the skills and knowledge repository of the Lifeboat Foundation. This webspace is intended to provide a place for Lifeboat members to share information about necessary technical skills and how to preserve them for humanity's continued benefit. Every era and type of skill is welcome, from flint knapping stone tools to the latest innovative processes that might otherwise fade into the background noise of the Net.

Please recognize that this project is not pessimistic or grim by nature, quite the contrary, we feel very positive about the use of this skills repository. We feel that all information stored herein is useful should it be called upon to respond to a planet wide civilization rebuild and could shorten the climb substantially. But we also feel that the skills are as useful for a local or regional rebuild, an off planet colonization, and just for the advancement of sustainable practices, which could assist in the avoidance of some of the most likely planetary threats.

We envision this resource to provide at least two basic benefits:

The first benefit is the collection of downloadable files, mostly in PDF format. This allows members to select and utilize the information locally without much additional software. Adobe PDF Reader is platform independent and pervasive.

The second benefit is that choosing MediaWiki allows members to maintain local wikis and synch selectively with the main InfoPreserver. This organic redundancy of storage is in the spirit of the Project. The larger the number of wikileggers in the group, the more robust the insurance this Project provides. Please restrict contributions to those resources that are in the public domain, you have the copyright to, or have embedded release of use from the copyright holder in the file.

This wiki and file repository is organized by category. We have established a top level list of parent categories, into which any sub category or resource can be placed. Please categorize all entries and feel free to add new categories. If a new category is added, please add a bit of description to the category page. The top level categories related to a colony or rebuild effort are:

1. Energy 2. Atmosphere 3. Water 4. Food 5. Medicine 6. Clothing 7. Tools/Equipment 8. Shelter 9. Hygiene/Waste Management 10. Culture

If you have any problems with this site, email [email protected] with the subject "Lifeboat Foundation InfoPreserver".