Lifeboat News #239


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 06/01/22. Copyright 2022 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Lifeboat Strategy

By James Blodgett
Our human future could be very good or very bad. We might settle the reachable universe, we might live forever, or we might go extinct. What we do right now might make the difference.
I have said that, when addressing existential risk, giving up and hiding under the bed is usually not the best strategy. However, sometimes it may be best, because strategy sometimes backfires.
Chasing existential opportunity could be an existential risk too, because it could fail to work and eliminate the opportunity. This column tries to replicate the talk a football coach gives to his team before the big game: “Get out there and win!” Big guys trying to clobber each other—what could possibly go wrong? Because of this, the University of Chicago abolished its football team in 1939 (and reestablished it in 1963). First do no harm. But if we want to improve a situation, it is impossible to totally eliminate the possibility of harm. At least think about, and be careful about, possible side effects.

Pride Month

In celebration of Pride Month, Inara Tabir, one of our board members, is fundraising to pay for her transition surgery. We donated.
Learn more at

Building Musk’s Path to Mars

Read Special Report “Building Musk’s path to Mars” by our John Strickland at
To the public, the media and even some of the space community, the last year for SpaceX has not seemed to be progressing that fast. However, right before our eyes, what Musk calls “stage zero”, the complex launch tower and associated platform and tank farm, was being designed and built and is now almost ready to support launches. Steady progress has been made in the production of and design improvements to the two main space vehicles, the Starship stage and the Super Heavy booster. The capacity to build more vehicles at Boca Chica is shortly to be four times larger, as a much larger high bay building nears completion.


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