Lifeboat News #237


Lifeboat News

This issue published on 04/01/22. Copyright 2022 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Lifeboat Strategy

By James Blodgett
Our human future could be very good or very bad. We might settle the reachable universe, we might live forever, or we might go extinct. What we do right now might make the difference.
Strategy is a plan for accomplishing a goal. This column has suggested strategy that Lifeboat members might use for addressing positive and negative singularities, which I see as Lifeboat’s focus. However, since we are Lifeboat members, we should also think about strategy that makes good use of the Lifeboat ecosystem.
I asked Eric Klien, President of the Lifeboat Foundation, what he thinks is important. His answer is “My current focus is our Facebook group. It is important to me because we have bots that use it as source to create posts on our blog, tweets on Twitter, posts on our Facebook page, posts on LinkedIn, posts on GETTR, and even posts on Parler. So we want people to post to our group, comments on posts to our group, and help moderate our group.”
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RAADfest will be held October 6–9 in San Diego, California. This is the world’s largest event focused on anti-aging and age reversal science for a general audience.
Our José Cordeiro, Greg Fahy, William Faloon, Ben Goertzel, Jean Hébert, Naveen Jain, Sandra Kaufmann, Phil Newman, and Liz Parrish will be speaking.
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TAFFD’s Gen4IR Summit Update

TAFFD’s Gen4IR Summit will be held August 16–17 in Sun City, South Africa.
Our José Luis Cordeiro, Aubrey de Grey, Edward Hudgins, Pius Adewale Owolawi, Kgomotsego Brenda Ramokopelwa, Rohit Talwar, and Natasha Vita-More will be speaking/participating. This summit is devoted to accelerating our Singularity future for development in Africa.
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“AI computer maker Graphcore unveils 3D chip, promises 500-trillion-parameter ‘ultra-intelligence’ machine” by Krys Hyff at
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“Australian startup develops mine shaft gravity storage” by Shubham Ghosh Roy at
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“Brain implant helps completely ‘locked-in’ man communicate” by Nicholi Avery at
“Breast cancer therapy success rates drop sharply for overweight people” by Gemechu Taye at
“Dr Holly Ganz, PhD — CSO, AnimalBiome — Modulating Pet Gut Microbiomes For Longer And Happier Lives” by Ira S. Pastor at
“Elon Musk Explains Updates To Starship And Tours Starbase! [Spring 2022]” by Ken Otwell at
“The End of Ageing with Michael Greve” by Nicole Cagar at
“Experimental Gene Therapy Increases Lifespan Of Mice By 41 Percent In Telomere Lengthening Study” by Josh Seeherman at
“First flying jetpack paramedic goes on Lake District trial mission” by Muhammad Furqan at
“‘Flying car’ takes to the skies in test flight” by Heather Blevins at
“‘The Game is Over’: Google’s DeepMind says it is on verge of achieving human-level AI” by Melvin Louis at
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“Jacques Cousteau’s grandson is building a network of ocean floor research stations” by Genevieve Klien at
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“‘Probing the Dark Universe’ — A Lecture” by Claudio Soprano at
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“Virtual Planetarium Show: The James Webb Telescope” by Alan Jurisson at
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