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This issue published on 02/01/18. Copyright 2018 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Stephen Hawking Memorial Update

Read “Stephen Hawking — An Appreciation” by our Martin Rees at
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Main Office Change

The location of our main office has changed. It is now:
Lifeboat Foundation, 1468 James Rd, Gardnerville, NV 89460, USA.


We are getting very close to releasing the second edition of “Visions of the Future”. The paperback version is done and the Kindle version is being completed as this is being written. You can read the first edition at


Jacob Anderson joins our blog team with the post “Chemotherapy-free ‘cancer vaccine’ moves from mice to human trials at Stanford” at
Hakon Skaarud Karlsen joins our blog team with the post “If you’re alive in 30 years, chances are good you may also be alive in 1000 years” at
Bill Kemp joins our blog team with the post “Scientists build army of metal-organic nanoflowers to treat cancer” at
Michael Lance joins our blog team with the post “Astronomers find the ‘impossible’: a galaxy without dark matter” at
Alberto Lao joins our blog team with the post “Tiangong-1: How to follow the space lab’s decaying orbit and reentry” at
Peter Morgan joins our blog team with the post “Longevity industry systematized for first time” at
Steve Nichols joins our blog team with the post “Artificial Brains Shed Light on the Workings of Our Own” at
Recent interesting blog posts include
“All visa applicants will have to disclose social media accounts after new proposal” by Bill Kemp at
“The Alt Rocket Tech That May One Day Take Humans to Mars” by Carse Peel at
“Are digital drugs the future of medication?” by Shane Hinshaw at
“Are there extra dimensions lurking at the quantum scale?” by Klaus Baldauf at
“Artificial Brains Shed Light on the Workings of Our Own” by Steve Nichols at
“Biological Cells Fused with Artificial Cells” by Steve Hill at
“The case for an artificially intelligent POTUS” by Zoltan Istvan at
“CERN Researchers Think They Saw Rare Particle Decay That Could Lead to New Physics” by Sean Brazell at
“Changing Regulations Mean Genetically Modified Meat Could Soon Be on Your Plate” by Carse Peel at
“Chinese Scientists Clone Monkeys” by Shane Hinshaw at
“Clearing Protein Aggregates Boosts Neural Stem Cell Activity” by Steve Hill at
“Earth Likely Had Water Before Moon-Forming Smashup” by Alberto Lao at
“Elon Musk’s Neuralink files permit to build biological research lab” by Klaus Baldauf at
“France to spend $1.8 billion on AI to compete with U.S., China” by Derick Lee at
“Harvard Rewinds the Biological Clock” by Nicholi Avery at
“Hormone Replacement: Can It Treat Aging Skin?” by Carla Parsons at
“IBM Scientists First to Demo Rocking Brownian Motors for Nanoparticles” by Klaus Baldauf at
“Inflammaging and Age-related Disease” by Steve Hill at
“Is Aging The World’s Biggest Problem?” by Hakon Skaarud Karlsen at
“Life, death, immortality, the 21st century way” by Zoltan Istvan at
“Longevity industry systematized for first time” by Peter Morgan at
“Mars Colony Would Be a Hedge Against World War III, Elon Musk Says” by Julius Garcia at
“Microsoft inches closer to commercially-viable quantum computing” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“NASA is about to go on a journey to study the center of Mars” by Alberto Lao at
“New AI software may be used to help companies hire or fire employees” by Carse Peel at
“Newly-discovered human organ may help explain how cancer spreads” by Shane Hinshaw at
“A Peek Inside the Transhumanist Agenda” by Derick Lee at
“Russia and China are ‘aggressively developing’ hypersonic weapons — here’s what they are and why the US can’t defend against them” by John Gallagher at
“Scientists mix the unmixable to create ‘shocking’ nanoparticles” by Bill Kemp at
“This plant-based coating makes fruits and veggies last up to four times longer” by Montie Adkins at
“Voyager Is 13 Billion Miles Away and Needs a Repair: Here’s What Happened” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“What If We Detonated a Nuke on the Moon” by Michael Lance at
“Whisper From the First Stars Sets Off Loud Dark Matter Debate” by Genevieve O’Hagan at
“The Wild New Materials of the Future Will Be Discovered With AI” by Bill Kemp at
“Will Smith tries to make out with Sophia the robot, and it does not go well” by Klaus Baldauf at
“Your WhatsApp buddies might be spying on you with this invasive new app” by Genevieve O’Hagan at

Growing Membership

Recent donations/pledges we have received since our last newsletter:
Dave Davies: $85, Michael Dickey: $85, Philippe Van Nedervelde: $85, Sergio M.L. Tarrero: $85, Kenneth P. Weiss: $85, Venita Davis: $25, Matthew L. McGuirl: $25, Rebecca R. Cooper: $10, Justina Cruickshank: $10, Anthony L. Haynor: $10, Alexander Macrae: $10, Patrik Sandin: $10, and Roland Schiefer: $10.
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