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This issue published on 01/01/17. Copyright 2017 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Digitalisation for a Sustainable Society

IS4SI 2017: Digitalisation for a Sustainable Society: Embodied, Embedded, Networked, Empowered through Information, Computation & Cognition! will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on June 12–16, 2017.
Our Jens Allwood, Jared Bielby, Piotr Boltuc, Joseph E. Brenner, Mark Burgin, Mark Carrigan, José María Díaz Nafría, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Raffaela Giovagnoli, Olle Häggström, Robert Lowe, Gerald Midgley, Marcin Milkowski, Kazé A. Onguene, Guillermo Rodriguez-Navas, Jordi Vallverdú, and Hector Zenil will be speaking.
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$100,000 Prize

Win a $100,000 prize for developing a visionary strategy that addresses humanity's most pressing problems.
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March Storm: Legislative Blitz for a Citizen's Space Agenda

The Alliance for Space Development (ASD), the National Space Society (NSS), and the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) are sponsoring the annual March Storm Washington DC Blitz March 12-16, 2017. Sunday March 12 will be an all-day training event, followed by up to four days of Congressional visits. Blitzers are asked to commit to a minimum of 2 days of Congressional visits, but those days can be picked from among March 13-16.
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The Lifeboat Foundation is providing financial support for this space-related event.

TriboTEX: More HP, Better MPG, and Less Wear in Car Engines

Learn about TriboTEX: More HP, Better MPG, and Less Wear in Car Engines at
This is nanotech that has been funded by DoE, NASA, and NSF and is an important step to improve energy efficiency giving us a greener economy.
The Lifeboat Foundation is providing financial support for this nanotech project.

Surge of Support

The Lifeboat Foundation has received a growing surge of support during the past year and now has 1,013 donors. You can support us by joining as a member at or by donating at


Listen to "Ocean Pasture Russ George Podcast #2: Solving Impossible Problems: Finding an artificial manure solution" at


Read "How Small of a Free-Space Settlement Can People Be Happy Living In?" at


Read "A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home and Peace on the Planet" at


Read "Preservation of Life on the Planet and Beyond, an interview of Eric Klien" at

Bill Gates

Bill Gates says, "This is like earthquakes, you should think in order of magnitudes. If you can kill 10 people that's a 1, 100 people that's a two... Bioterrorism is the thing that can give you not just sixes, but sevens, eights, and nines.
With nuclear war, once you have got a six, or a seven, or eight, you'd think it would probably stop. With bioterrorism it's just unbounded if you are not there to stop the spread of it."
His quote is added to our Quotes page at


Kevin Huang joins our blog team with the post "Cancer cells hijack healthy cells to help them spread to other organs" at
Alireza Mokri joins our blog team with the post "Ford just invested $1 billion in a secretive AI startup founded by former Google and Uber execs" at
Recent interesting blog posts include:
"AI learns to write its own code" by Shailesh Prasad at
"An AI Hedge Fund Created a New Currency to Make Wall Street Work Like Open Source" by Alireza Mokri at
"Becoming Borg: What Is a Hive Mind in Science and Could Humanity Get There?" by Shailesh Prasad at
"Artificial intelligence in quantum systems, too" by Bruno Henrique de Souza at
"Cancer cells hijack healthy cells to help them spread to other organs" by Kevin Huang at
"China Says It Has Quantum Radar: What Does That Mean?" by Shane Hinshaw at
"Computing with biochemical circuits made easy" by Karen Hurst at
"Exponential Growth Will Transform Humanity in the Next 30 Years" by Alexandros El at
"A forgotten war technology could safely power Earth for millions of years. Here’s why we aren’t using it" by Sean Brazell at
"Filling Cavities Is Easier Than Ever With This Tool" by Shane Hinshaw at
"A giant neuron found wrapped around entire mouse brain" by Carse Peel at
"Graphene oxide supercapacitor commercial prototype targeted within 2 years" by Kevin Huang at
"Group introduces six new particles to standard model to solve five enduring problems" by Kevin Huang at
"Here's the Bonkers Idea to Make a Hyperloop-Style Rocket Launcher" by Klaus Baldauf at
"If You Can't Find Dark Matter, Look First for a Dark Force" by Andreas Matt at
"Interview: Liz Parrish" by Montie Adkins at
"In the age of robots, our schools are teaching children to be redundant" by Alireza Mokri at
"This invention by a British student could save millions of lives across the world" by Klaus Baldauf at
"Is Quantum Networking The End of Man-in-the-Middle Attacks?" by Karen Hurst at
"The Long-Shot Bid to Put Crispr in the Hands of the People" by Dan Kummer at
"Making 3D maps of every cell in the human body" by Klaus Baldauf at
"Mechanical engineers leading effort to detect defects that reduce efficiency" by Kevin Huang at
"Nano-sized hydrogen storage system increases efficiency" by Karen Hurst at
"A Potential Dark Matter Signature Has Been Seen in The Andromeda Galaxy" by Andreas Matt at
"Private Russian Airline Gets Green Light For Space Launch" by Andreas Matt at
"Samsung could be investing $1 billion into artificial intelligence" by Alireza Mokri at
"Scientists Say Induced Hibernation Could Help Us Fight Cancer in the Future" by Shane Hinshaw at
"Why the Potential of Augmented Reality Is Greater Than You Think" by Klaus Baldauf at

Growing Membership

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