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This issue published on 12/01/14. Copyright 2014 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Guardian Award

The Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award is annually bestowed upon a respected scientist or public figure who has warned of a future fraught with dangers and encouraged measures to prevent them.
The 2014 Lifeboat Foundation Guardian Award has been given to Elon Musk in recognition of his warnings about artificial intelligence, his promotion of space exploration including the creation of self-sustaining space colonies, and his efforts to improve our environment with electric cars and to expand solar energy generation.
Elon is often likened to a real-life Tony Stark from Marvel's Iron Man comics for his role in cutting-edge companies including SpaceX, a private space exploration company that holds the first private contracts from NASA for resupply of the International Space Station, and the electric car company Tesla Motors. Watch Elon in Iron Man 2 at
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End of the Year Fundraiser

Support our End of the Year Fundraiser at
We have had a huge surge in support by famous authors for our End of the Year Fundraiser. All donors to the fundraiser are eligible to get free fiction and nonfiction from Greg Bear, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Brenda Cooper, Alan Dean Foster, James E. Gunn, Joe Haldeman, Ray Kurzweil, Robert J. Sawyer, and Allen Steele.

Susan Schneider

Susan Schneider, editor of "Science Fiction and Philosophy: From Time Travel to Superintelligence", joins our Philosophy Board. Susan is the Sarah Connor of philosophy as she ponders the role of science fiction and thought experiments to help understand uploading, time travel, superintelligence, the Singularity, a new approach to the computational theory of mind, consciousness, and physicalism.
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Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence Update

Our Colin Allen, Eyal Amir, Marco Dorigo, Vasant Honavar, Marcus Hutter, W. Bradley Knox, Sven Koenig, Benjamin Kuipers, Christian Lebiere, Zoran Popovic, Matthias Scheutz, Peter Stone, and Matthew E. Taylor are participating in the Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-15) which will be held January 25-29, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Austin, Texas, USA. The purpose of this conference is to promote research in artificial intelligence (AI) and scientific exchange among AI researchers, practitioners, scientists, and engineers in affiliated disciplines.
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Learn about "My Terrace Farmer: Solar Greenhouse for Busy People" at


Read "Hyperworlds, Underworlds" at
Read "A Taxonomy and Metaphysics of Mind-Uploading" at


Read "Artificial Intelligence Isn't a Threat--Yet" at


The blog post "Proof that The End of Moore's Law is Not The End of The Singularity" by our Eric Klien reached #21 on reddit. Read it at
Other recent interesting blog posts include:
"Blockchain 2.0 arms race: Blocknet declares first shots fired between nodes on separate blockchains" by Rob Chamberlain at
"Brain-computer interface enables 'locked-in' brain stroke sufferer to communicate" by Seb at
"FIRST Robotics-- Who are the celebrities of the future?" by Johnny Boston at
"FM2030: Are You A Transhuman?" by Johnny Boston at
"FutureMed: What is the future of Health?" by Seb at
"Leia Display System: The mid-air touchscreen you can control with your whole body" by Seb at
"London Underground set for fast, new driverless trains" by Seb at
"RoomAlive transforms your living room into an interactive video game" by Seb at
"Who is Dr. Aubrey De Grey?" by Johnny Boston at

Growing Membership

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