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Lifeboat News

This issue published on 05/01/11. Copyright 2011 Lifeboat Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

Summer Growth Fundraiser

Jeff Bone has pledged $10,000 in matching funds for our Summer Growth Fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by June 21, 2011 (Northern Hemisphere summer solstice) by using his matching funds to match your donations dollar for dollar.
Here are some interesting projects we have been working on recently:

  • DARPA/NASA Request for Information project
  • Begun wiki development (let us know if you have an idea that could use wiki support)
  • Added to our growing world news coverage
  • Improved our blog (which is an official Google News source)
  • Created new educational videos and new reports
  • Launched a grant initiative program
  • Provided support for Suspended Animation 2011, WorldFuture 2011: Moving from Vision to Action, and The Fourth Conference on Artificial General Intelligence

Help us meet our goal so we can "flower" this summer!
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DARPA/NASA Initiative

The Lifeboat Foundation is working to fulfill a DARPA/NASA Request for Information. DARPA and NASA are asking for conceptualization of a more-or-less privately funded trip to the stars. They want five pages on business model, survival, governance, etc.
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How to Live Forever

The documentary "How to Live Forever" features our Aubrey de Grey and Ray Kurzweil.
Its initial release schedule is:

  • 5/13: New York, NY - Quad Cinema
  • 5/20: Los Angeles, CA - Laemmle Monica 4
  • 5/27: Orange County, CA - Edwards Westpark 8
  • 6/3: San Diego, CA - Landmark Ken Cinema
  • 6/10: Palm Desert, CA - Cinemas Palme D'Or
  • 6/17: Portland, OR - Regal Fox Tower Stadium 10
  • 7/1: Austin, TX - Regal Arbor Cinema Great Hills
  • 7/15: Philadelphia, PA - Landmark Ritz at the Bourse
  • 7/22: Denver, CO - Landmark Chez Artiste
  • 7/29: Minneapolis, MN - Landmark Lagoon
  • 7/29: Washington, DC - Landmark E-Street
  • 8/19: Boston, MA - Landmark Kendall Square

Watch its trailer at
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Language Support

Anetta Tissot creates a Polish about page for us at Thanks Anetta!

John Huchra Memorial

We mourn the loss of our John Huchra. John was a man who loved telescopes and whose pioneering maps of a bubbly universe challenged notions of how the galaxies were born.
John will be best remembered for what looks for all the world like a child's stick-figure drawing of a man, but in fact is a map showing how the galaxies are distributed through about 600 million light-years of space.
Astronomers had long presumed that if they looked out far enough beyond the Local Group of galaxies to which the Milky Way belongs, galaxies would be spread more or less evenly. John's map, produced in 1986 with Margaret J. Geller and Valérie de Lapparent, showed instead that the galaxies seemed to be confined to great sheets arcing around enormous dark and presumably empty voids millions of light-years across, clustering in dense knots where the sheets intersected.
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Marshall Stoneham Memorial

We mourn the loss of our theoretical condensed-matter physicist Marshall Stoneham. In October 2010 he took over as president of the Institute of Physics, which publishes His duties for the Institute will for the moment be taken over by the Institute's immediate past-president Jocelyn Bell Burnell.
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Fall and Winter

Learn about "Fall and Winter" at
This documentary film explores the origins of our global crisis — and the ingenious adaptations needed to survive the catastrophic transition we've entered.

Lifeboat Store

Thanks to Lifeboat Foundation member Frank D. Smith, the Lifeboat Foundation store now offers a Neon Logo T-Shirt at and a Neon Logo with Earth T-Shirt at

Growing Membership

Recent donations/pledges we have received since the last newsletter:
Anonymous: $120, Rodney C. Hill: $120, Paula J. Wilson: $120, Richard Yonck: $120, Michael Dickey: $85, Sergio M.L. Tarrero: $85, Philippe Van Nedervelde: $85, Kenneth P. Weiss: $85, Tom Driscoll: $30, Michael Breazeale: $25, Rick Hubbard: $25, Matthew L. McGuirl: $25, BABBS Corporation: $20, Ronald Amos: $10, Rebecca R. Cooper: $10, Christopher Dilkus: $10, Thomas Dolphin: $10, Stephen Fleming: $10, George Garrett: $10, Charles Hawk: $10, Alexander Macrae: $10, Aaron Mayzes: $10, Glenn A. Miller: $10, Philip Morehead: $10, Phil Nadeau: $10, John N. Philipps (Jack): $10, Frank D. Smith: $10, Rhonda Stevenson: $10, and John Thompson: $10.
Our Join Us page at now allows you to pay for your membership anywhere from monthly to every ten years.