Advisory Board

Patrick Cines

Patrick Cines is President of the Penn State University Bitcoin Club, Director of Mid-Atlantic Relations at College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN), Director of Marketing at the Penn State Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, Treasurer at Penn State International Affairs and Debate Association, and Intern / Transportation Logistics Analyst at Johnson & Johnson/Logistics Management Solutions (LMS). He is author of the Bitcoin Daily and the Litecoin Daily.
The Penn State University Bitcoin Club is a group of students who advocate the use of bitcoin. The main goals of the club are to educate the public and fellow students about the advantages of bitcoin, assist small businesses in integrating bitcoin to expand revenue, and support philanthropic organizations through bitcoin donations.
The College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN) is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to forming a robust network of college clubs for cryptocurrency education, mining, trading, and startups.
Patrick was previously Day Trader, Network Miner at Crypto Currency Trading and Mining; Intern, Research Analyst at FischerJordan/Eagle Stone Advisors; and Business Manager at the Princeton High School Tower Newspaper.
Patrick is studying Supply Chain and Information Systems with a minor in Security and Risk Analysis at Penn State University.
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