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Dr. Charalampos Doukas

Charalampos Doukas, Ph.D. is External collaborator at The Institute of Educational Policy (IEP), Associate Researcher at National Hellenic Research Foundation, and Associate Researcher at University of the Aegean. He is also author of Building Internet of Things with the Arduino and Arduino, Sensors, and the Cloud.
Charalampos is an information systems engineer focused on medical sensors and cloud application research as his day job. His work and research include building and evaluating wearable and mobile systems for tracking user activity, context, and biosignals.
He is the author of Building Internet of Things with the Arduino that presents essential IoT background information and describes how to build related projects with the Arduino. In his free time he builds small home automation projects based on Internet-connected open hardware and has a great interest in seeing the Internet of Things and sensor data management/mining space develop.
His interests include video and image processing of medical data, medical ontologies and semantics, medical data classification, medical sensors, and data transmission over heterogeneous networks. He has published more than 50 papers in international scientific conferences, 17 journal papers, 6 book chapters, and 2 books.
Charalampos is member of the Technical Chamber in Greece, member of the Hellenic Artificial Intelligence Society, member of IEEE EMBS Greek Society, and peer reviewer in scientific journals including IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine and IEEE Transactions in Medical Imaging.
Charalampos earned his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering at the University of the Aegean in 2011. His Ph.D. was based on acquiring and analyzing motion data through Arduino for performing fall detection.
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