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Sep 20, 2020

Read issue #217 of Lifeboat News!

Sep 19, 2020

Read Special Report Loosening the Linkages Between Language and the Land by Lifeboat Foundation Advisory Board members Lawrence Baines and Gul Nahar.
Like any living thing, languages evolve over time. This paper examines the connections among sociocultural change, access to the Internet, and the fluctuations of English as a global language. English has begun to transcend geographical borders and sociocultural boundaries as its status as a national language, official language, or unofficial language grows.

Sep 19, 2020

Gul Nahar, coauthor of Loosening the Linkages Between Language and the Land with our Lawrence Baines, joins our Human Trajectories Board.

Sep 4, 2020

Professional Philosopher Stephen Azubuike Oguji joins our Philosophy Board.

Sep 3, 2020

Learn about #HalfMyDAF, a matching-grant competition endorsed by Herbie Hancock: DAF holders make a donation to the cause they value most, register their donation with the website, and thereby buy a “ticket” for the competition. Then, over the course of the competition, about 300 registered DAF donors will be randomly selected to have their donation doubled via a #HalfMyDAF matching grant of up to $25,000! Deadline is September 30, 2020.

Aug 27, 2020

Entrepreneur and Futurist Guido Putignano joins our Futurists Board.

Aug 26, 2020

Michael Geer, Cofounder and CSO at Humanity, joins our Life Extension Board.

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Upcoming Events

Biostasis 2020: The Annual Biostasis Conference will be held October 24–25, 2020 in cyberspace.
Our João Pedro de Magalhães, Greg Fahy, Emil Kendziorra, and Ramón Risco will be speaking. Learn more!

Undoing Aging 2020 has become Undoing Aging 2021 and has been moved to May 13–15, 2021 in Berlin, Germany. Our Tamir Chandra, Ke Cheng, Aubrey de Grey, João Pedro de Magalhães, Vera Gorbunova, Michael Greve, Adiv A. Johnson, Jamie Justice, Jeanne Loring, and Wenyu Zhou will be speaking/participating.
Undoing Aging 2021 is not only open to the scientific community, but also welcomes startups, investors, the general media, and all interested members of the broader rejuvenation movement. The conference will feature a student poster session showing the work of innovative undergraduate and graduate students in the field of damage repair. Learn more!

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